Thank you for your interest in the newest psychiatry residency program in California! Our experienced faculty have created a unique psychiatry program that is community-based with a strong academic focus. College Medical Center and our affiliates serve as the largest psychiatric system in Los Angeles and Orange Counties ensuring our residents will gain experience in caring for our diverse, varied patient communities of southern California. Our mission is simple—to train the best, brightest and most compassionate psychiatric physicians. With specialty tracks available and significant elective time, our residents receive a strong foundation to choose an individual course of career ahead be it community-based, private practice, research, academia, or sub-specialty fellowship training in child and adolescent, forensic, consultation/liaison, and geriatric. We also offer unique electives in interventional psychiatry and sports psychiatry. We welcome you to apply to our Psychiatry Residency!


Gerald A. Maguire, MD, DLFAPA

Director of Residency Training in Psychiatry, College Medical Center

Global Medical Director, iStutter

Principal Investigator, CenExel Research

Chair of Research and Development, World Stuttering Network


Dr. Maguire

Gerald A. Maguire, MD is Director of Residency Training in Psychiatry, College Medical Center. Dr. Maguire earned his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of California, Davis in 1987, and his medical degree from St. Louis University School of Medicine in 1991. He carried out his residency in Psychiatry at UC Irvine from 1991 to 1995, where he was Chief Resident his final year and later served on faculty for 20 years. Dr. Maguire served as residency training director and Sr. Associate Dean of Medical Education at UC Irvine during his tenure. Dr. Maguire also served as the Founding Chair of Psychiatry at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine from 2014-2021 and remains Professor Emeritus at the institution.


Dr. Maguire is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (DLFAPA) and is a member of the American College of Psychiatrists. Dr. Maguire has earned numerous teaching awards at both UC Irvine and UC Riverside. Dr. Maguire has authored over 80 publications (journal articles, books and book chapters) and has delivered hundreds of invited presentations throughout the world on topics primarily related to the neurologic understanding of stuttering and its resultant, comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatments as well other topics on psychopharmacology.

“The focus of my clinical activities and of my patient-oriented research has always been on understanding the interplay between psychiatric illnesses and medical conditions and on developing innovative ways of addressing the whole spectrum of psychosomatic needs in patients with complex presentations. As a psychiatrist, I have a broad background in diagnosing and treating mental illness. Before my residency, I designed and conducted neuro-imaging research focused on correlations between functional brain changes and depression.  Since the beginning of my residency in psychiatry, I have become interested in the interplay between medicine and psychiatry, especially the diagnostic and treatment of psychiatric conditions in medically ill patients – which present unique challenges due to their multiple comorbidities and the high risk of drug interactions.

Currently, my clinical activities are focused on treating patients with complex medical and mental illness comorbidities. I will supervise the residents in inpatient, C&L and outpatient settings which will include psychiatric second opinion and transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment.”


Robert Bota, MD

Associate Program Director

Dr. Bota

Dr. Bota has also served as Chair of Research for the Riverside area, Director of Medical Psychiatry Unit and TMS Clinic at University of California, Irvine where he was very involved in teaching Residents, Fellows, and Medical Students.

“Hello! My name is Tina Allee MD, and I’m excited to introduce myself.  I am a Southern California native; I grew up in Huntington Beach, California; went to UCLA for an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. I worked in the biotech industry programming robotics – but quickly realized I missed my calling and needed to go back to school. I earned a medical degree (MD) from Stanford University, School of Medicine. I returned home for specialty training in Psychiatry at UC Irvine, School of Medicine where I completed a residency in Adult Psychiatry. I chose psychiatry because it was the only specialty where getting to know my patients and really understanding their perspectives was integral to the training and practice of medicine. 

With regard to my experience, I’ve been a university professor and still love teaching. I was the director of a large hospital consult liaison service (medical psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, emergency psychiatry), I’ve worked for a large HMO, been the medical director of a treatment center, taught and supervised psychotherapy training, published research, mentored and counseled medical students and doctors through their training and beyond. I see the brain as more than just chemicals and psychiatrists are more than just pill pushers – I use transcranial magnetic stimulation as well as alternative and complimentary treatments in my practice. I am also a certified Brain Health Specialist and have trained at the Amen Clinic in Costa Mesa, California to integrate brain health with mind health. Whatever the role – my favorite thing is to take exceptional care of my patients, share what I’ve learned, and continue searching for the best ways to improve the world – one person at a time.”


Tine Allee, MD

Wellness Director

Dr. Allee