Pharmacy Intern – Main Campus

Job Category: Pharmacy
Job Location: Main Campus



• Current CA Intern Pharmacist License
• Currently enrolled in an accredited school of pharmacy
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Strong attention to detail


Job Specific Duties

  • Generates required reports: MAR, Pick I.V, production reports.
  • Able to charge and credit correctly.
  • Able to look up a patient’s location.
  • Able to look up a patient’s demographic information such as height, weight, allergy.
    Omnicell Dispensing System
  • Able to refill, load and unload medications.
  • Able to run reports.
  • Able to research and correct discrepancies
    IV Preparation
  • Clean the IV compounding area as required and keep the area organized.
  • Follow established process on garbing.
  • Performs calculations accurately.
  • Coordinate with pharmacist on checking process.
  • Accurately completes IV rounds.
  • Maintains aseptic technique.
  • Checks for particulate matter in final product.
  • Only one product is prepared at a time.
  • Recycles product as appropriate
  • Changes prep and expiration date on recycled product.
  • Dates, times and initials all vials for reuse.
  • Adds additives in the proper sequence.
  • Syringe and Vial count reflects what has been made.
  • Labels containers accurately including auxiliary labels.
  • Completes packaging including seals, protective wraps, etc.
  • Prioritizes work (i.e. stats made first).
  • Delivers IVs to proper locations.
  • Restock shelves and rotates stock.
  • Properly disposes of non-recyclable solutions.
  • Maintains IV refrigerator temperature log.
    TPN Preparation
  • Ensures double check is done with pharmacist during compounding process.
  • Prepares TPN as required.
  • Logs correct solutions and additives.
  • Fills orders with correct medication.
  • Deliver medication(s) accurately in a timely manner.
  • Prepares unit of use dosage when possible.
  • Keeps pharmacist informed of workload status.
  • Prioritizes work to prepare STAT, now and waiting in order of importance
  • Returns medications to stock and rotates stock.
  • Fills requisitions from nursing floors in a timely fashion.
  • Can calculate correct medication doses based on patient’s age: adult, pediatric, geriatric, adolescent.
    Cassette Exchange
  • Fills medication cassettes and delivers them on time.
  • Checks for computer entry errors and notifies the pharmacist.
  • Adjusts charges.
  • Transfers bulk and prn meds appropriately.
  • Maintains temperature/humidity log.
  • Maintains IV compounding area log as required.
  • Maintains unit dose / compounding logs.
  • Maintain required documents.
  • Orders medications when stock is low.
  • Disposes of waste in the proper containers.
  • Able to locate: SDS sheets, disaster manual and safety manual
  • Demonstrates fire procedure verbally.
    Quality Improvement
  • Continuously assesses and improves the performance of care and services provided.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of CQI through application of the principles in the department.
  • Performs floor stock inspections accurately.
  • Performs outdate checks.
  • Delivers floor stock accurately.
  • Assists in training of new staff.
  • Helps other areas when needed.
  • Able to refill and bill emergency Med carts.
  • Updates crash cart stickers.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.

Salary: $18.00 per hour

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