Patient Safety Attendant (PSA) – Med Surg – Main Campus

Job Category: Med-Surg
Job Type: Full Time Day
Job Location: Main Campus


This position supports the Mission of the Hospital through the provision of distinctive and compassionate care to our patients. The Patient Safety Attendant supports licensed staff in providing safe & therapeutic patient care as delegated & in adherence to policies & procedures.


  • Current BLS (AHA) for healthcare provider card, current CPI certificate (or obtained within 30 days of hire)
  • High school diploma or G.E.D. One (1) year experience in assisting in the care of patients in an acute inpatient setting, preferred.
  • Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide age appropriate assistance to the patients served on the unit.


  • Maintain constant attendance by remaining within visual contact of the patient at all times.
  • Never leaves patient unattended.
  • Refer patient requests that the caregiver cannot meet to nursing staff via the call light system/intercom or other communication system to summon staff for assistance or needed equipment/supplies.
  • Accompanies and stays with the patient when transported off the unit for any diagnostic tests or procedures unless instructed otherwise by the assigned nurse. Remain within line of sight of the patient unless otherwise directed by the individual performing the test or procedures. Inform the person doing the procedure that the patient must be under constant observation.
  • Remains in patient room at all times even with visitors and does not leave without relief.
  • Obtains permission and relief prior to leaving the room for any reason, including breaks and meals.
  • Documents observations on flow sheet as instructed and indicated.
  • Keeps patient room door open/partially open at all times.
  • Keeps bathroom door open at all times.
  • Removes sharp/dangerous items from room.
  • Screens all items brought in by visitors.
  • Knows patient’s ordered activity level.
  • Assists patients in/out of bed and to/from bathroom as ordered activity level permits.
  • Ensures additional staff available while performing 1:1 patient care in 2:1 setting.
  • Provide care to the patient that does not interfere with the ability to maintain continuous visual contact.
  • Listens and acknowledges patient’s wishes to converse including complaints and feelings, and encourage the patient to share concerns with the physician and assigned nurse.
  • Monitors the patient’s verbalization and immediately informs the assigned nurse if patient expresses any idea or intention to hurt self/ others or leave without physician’s permission (elopement or Against Medical Advice (AMA)).
  • Identify and promptly report any changes in the patient’s status to the assigned nurse. Notify the assigned nurse or other nursing staff in case of an emergency or a sudden change in the patient’s condition/behavior. Also use hospital emergency call system for Code Blue or escape attempts (Code Green).
  • Provides a report of patient information and activity to relief patient safety attendant and to assigned nurse caregiver assigned to care for the patient prior to leaving at shift end.
  • Provides patient care activities such as ambulating, etc. .. (within scope of practice and competency).
  • Observe as the patient easts and drinks, and assist if needed.
  • Notifying the assigned nurse prior to leaving the room if asked to leave by family.
  • Remain outside the door of the room if asked to leave by a physician or nurse. Return immediately when the physician or nurse leaves.
  • Completes required flow sheet documentation

Salary: $16.46 – $20.57 per hour

12 hour shift

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