Internal Medicine




Each didactic session is protected time, free from clinical duties, to ensure appropriate balance between clinical experience and structured lectures.

Morning and Noon Lectures

  • Resident Lecture Series
  • Morning Report
  • Noon conference lectures 
  • Grand Rounds
  • Journal Club
  • Tumor Board
  • Attending and team Rounds
  • Radiology Rounds (Dr. Kuhn)
  • Board Review
  • EKG lectures 
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference 

Second Year

You will have the opportunity to be proficient in a number of procedures by the end of the PGY-1 year including:

    • Central venous catheter insertion
    • Paracentesis
    • Thoracentesis
    • Chest Tube Placement
    • Arterial Blood Draw
    • Arterial Lines
    • PICC lines
    • Laceration Repairs
    • I&Ds
    • Intubation

Code Blue Curriculum

The Code Blue committee organizes mock codes to enhance and refresh skills. Immediate feedback and education is provided so you will be confident and prepared for rapid response and code blue management.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Residents are involved in the CDI process throughout their training.  This participation helps improve documentation skills to more accurately reflect and capture the severity of illness of each patient.   This program has helped our graduates feel prepared as they begin their careers beyond residency